Welcome to the 44th AME Conference in Barcelona!

The 44th Conference of the AME Association for Moral Education will be held at the Hotel Alimara in Barcelona from November 8 to 10, 2018.

This year we will focus on Moral Education in a Caring Society, increasingly in today’s society that people are only thinking of themselves: we tend to justify our selfish behaviour with such phrases as “Charity begins at home”, maybe in detriment to the wider society. We aim to underline the need to respond with care to others in all situations but particularly in the school environment and in doing so to reopen the debate over justice and caring, over reason and emotion, and over the role of gender in moral development.

The areas we will give special attention to are: practices of caring approaches and character education, moral leadership, civic engagement and other topics related to these areas.

Submissions are welcome from scholars, students and practitioners across the many disciplines that contribute to the study and practice of moral education, including psychology, education, sociology, philosophy, interdisciplinary, cultural studies, among others. Plenary sessions and invited symposia will explicitly address the conference theme. We encourage individuals to submit proposals that address the conference theme; however, we welcome any proposals that address the study and practice of moral and civic engagement or education more generally.

We announce that the Kohlberg Memorial Lecture will be given by Dr. Helen Haste under the title: "Are we asking the right questions?" Since we often ask questions about society and how to improve it.

The scientific quality of the program and the cultural wealth and hospitality of the city of Barcelona will make us learn and enjoy. We hope you have time to appreciate the historical, social and cultural reality of Catalonia and to share and build academic knowledge together.

Thank you for joining this event and for doing so.

Welcome to Barcelona

María Rosa Buxarrais, PhD                                                   Elena Noguera, PhD

(GREM) Research Group of Moral Education at the University of Barcelona.

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